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It is a very unfortunate reality that the automotive repair industry has developed a reputation for consisting of individuals looking to take advantage of the average consumer and that they never know what they are getting into when they take their auto into a shop. That  a trustworthy mechanic is a rare and coveted creature, and the best that anyone can hope for is that someone will know someone that knows someone else that "has a guy" they can recommend.

34th Street Garage wants to change that.

Automotive repair shouldn't be so stressful. We pride ourselves on operating a business that consumers can trust. We hope to become your friendly family automotive shop, servicing each generations vehicles without having you having to ever worry about if you are being taken advantage of or not.

34th Street Garage does this through our own Pledge of Excellence:
The 34th Street Garage
Mission Statement

At 34th Street Garage, we are committed to delivering quality automotive repairs. We believe in providing honest, reliable services that make us a trusted resource for our Seattle community members – keeping our neighbors on the road. Our mission is to ensure each customer receives top-tier care with exceptional service, so they can have peace of mind knowing their car is well taken care of. With our vision firmly set to make a meaningful difference in people's lives by offering superior auto repair, 34th Street Garage strives to be your go-to source for all your vehicle needs.

Customer Rights And Resources:

Along with providing excellent customer service, quality work, and accurate estimates, Consumer Rights in the automotive industry is incredibly important to us. We are pleased to provide this information as well as additional referrals to more information on your Automotive Repair Consumer Rights in Washington State:

You are entitled by law to:

  • A written estimate for repairs which will cost more than $100, unless waived or absent face-to-face contact;

  • Return or inspection of all replaced parts, if requested at time of repair authorization;

  • Authorize orally or in writing any repairs which exceed the estimated total presales tax cost by more than ten percent; and

  • Authorize any repairs orally or in writing if your vehicle is left with the repair facility personnel.

If you have authorized a repair in accordance with the above information, you are required to pay for the costs of the repair prior to taking the vehicle from the premises.

Additional Resources
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